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Archive 2021

Leadership Day

On 06.11 in Varna the first leadership day for this academic year was held.

Retreat in Tryavna

The goal of the retreat was to gather students from the different international groups around the country...

Start of the semester

In October, the BCSU student groups around the country began.
We are very excited for the new year, fresh starts, new students and new opportunities.

Conference "New Beginning"

After the good summer God blessed us with, it was time to start the new academic year. What better way to "start" than with a student conference?

Evangelism Program

Despite the strange times we are living in, God is still working in the lives of students in Bulgaria, including the international students.

Still Developing Life-Long Disciples of Jesus

This has been an unusual and difficult period for many Christian ministries throughout the world – including BCSU.

Evangelistic Video Project “YOU”

At the beginning of the second semester, the BCSU team decided to launch a new student evangelistic project called “YOU”.

The new semester has begun!

The next online semester has already started, and with it BCSU groups have also started their activities among students.

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