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Thoughtful Faith


Students sharing and living out the good news of Jesus Christ. 
Locally. Nationally. Globally.

IFES is a community of students, staff and supporters, who share a common purpose – to glorify God by developing witnessing communities of students in every nation. At the moment we work in over 170 countries.  

We are an evangelical movement that gives special attention to the Bible - its preaching,teaching and study. We strive to help students recognize the lordship of Christ in every aspect of life and intellectual endeavors.

All national student movements of IFES seek to bear witness to Christ and to communicate in a manner that honors the specific culture and speaks to specific needs. We work closely with the Church in each country, where it is possible.

All national movements share three main focuses:

  • Evangelism – proclaiming Jesus as Savior, Lord and God to students in every country in the world and to lead students to a personal faith in Christ.

  • Discipleship - encouraging a life of dedication and spiritual growth for students who participate in our movements in order to prepare them to serve their families, churches and society.

  • World mission – equipping students to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations of the world, to become communities of witnesses, and to be salt and light in their societies.

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