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Start of the semester

In October, the BCSU student groups around the country began.
We are very excited for the new year, fresh starts, new students and new opportunities.
Here's how the year began in our  groups:

  The Sofia student group meets every Thursday at 7pm and together they have a time of fellowship, prayer and Bible study. Each week they look at a different parable of Jesus to understand why Jesus spoke in parables to his contemporaries.  This semester they plan to have a Pancake and movie day, a Bulgarian cultural night (when they will gather with the international students), a trip to the theater, and more.

  iConnect Sofia (the group for international students) is also meeting every Thursday at 7pm and they are studying the Epistle to the Romans together. This semester they have planned an Escape Room, movie night with discussion, Bulgarian cultural night, Christmas cookie baking, Christmas party and more. At the end of October, the international students will spend a weekend in Tryavna.

Veliko Tarnovo:
  The students in Veliko Tarnovo started their gatherings every Tuesday. Together the returning students along with the new students who are now  participating, they are talking about the Gospel -  what it is – as well as evangelism - how and where to evangelize and experiences and ideas they have.

There are also plans to start a group for international students in the city and you can support us in prayer for them.

  The group in Varna meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm. Together they are studying passages from the Word that teach them basic truths about how to be good witnesses for Christ in very practical ways. Each month they also plan to have events for the purpose of inviting friends, fellowship and getting to know one another. Their next event, this Sunday, is a hike to Aladzha Monastery. Then they plan to have a board game night, ice skating, and more.

  iConnect Varna (the group for international students) meets every Thursday at 7:30pm for Bible study and they are discussing the book of Hebrews together. They will have an Escape Room at the end of the month, board games, and other events. At the end of October, the international students will spend a weekend in Tryavna.

This year iconnect Varna also has student leaders who will be helping with the studies and the group as a whole and this is a great joy and for them.

  It has been a really exciting year and there are interesting events coming up for each of the groups. We hope and pray that whatever happens in the country, it will not stop the desire in the students to be an example of Christ to everyone around them.

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