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Evangelistic Video Project “YOU”

At the beginning of the second semester, the BCSU team decided to launch a new student evangelistic project called “YOU”. This is no accident, in fact, as in Bulgarian, it is an abbreviation of the title "Seek the Truth". The project is a video series in which we present 7 current and interesting topics aimed at young seekers in Bulgaria. The main idea is to present a different point of view on a given issue or public debate, and for this purpose we have invited speakers from different professional, public and denominational spheres.

We would like to introduce you to the topics and speakers. The broadcast episodes that you can watch on our Youtube channel are:

  Niki Ivanov spoke on the topic "What makes Levski so unique?". Niki is from Sofia and is the head of one of the largest Christian organizations in Bulgaria for the distribution of Christian literature: "Bible League". He graduated with a degree in psychology and film directing. He is married and has two children. Niki loves History!
  Dr. Pece Aleksovski presented the topic "Evolution - how language contradicts the theory of evolution". Pece is a husband, father of four daughters, a believer, a cardiologist, a lover of books and sports. He loves apologetics - especially the topic of evolution.
  Dr. Chavdar Hadjiev spoke on the topic "There is no conspiracy." Charlie is a former BCSU national director. He studied law at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and theology in London and Oxford. He teaches the Old Testament during the day and plays strategy computer games at night. Chavdar loves to read science fiction, listen to good music, and think about life, the universe, and everything else.
  Martin Raichinov presented the topic "There is a conspiracy". Marty is the living history of the publishing activity of the Bulgarian Christian Student Union. He devoted years of his life to publishing dozens of titles and even more - in fulfillment of the mission to reach people and turn thinking people into awakeners. A film critic, blogger and former bassist, Martin likes to look for connections and get to the heart of the good news for us.
The following topics are to be published by the end of the second semester of this academic year:

  Trifon Trifonov will present the topic "Historical facts about the Resurrection of Christ". Trif has a master's degree in English philology from the University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodius” with a bachelor's degree in theology from the University of Gloucestershire, England. He currently serves as pastor of the Bulgarian Protestant Church New Life in Varna. Before that he and his wife Vanya worked with the Bulgarian Christian Student Union. He is the author of the books "What Jesus Would Say to ..." and "Why I'm Not an Atheist." They have three children and one grandson.
  Pastor Dimitar Mitev will talk to us on the topic “Is Jesus really a real historical figure?” Pastor Dimitar Mitev entered the ministry with responsibility for the Pentecostal Church in Veliko Tarnovo in March 1979. He graduated in Germany with a degree in Theology. He is dedicated to a distinguished teaching ministry in the field of church history and the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. He is a father of two grown-up children and three grandchildren. What he is and has accomplished in ministry over the last 42 years, he does through the abundant grace of God.
  Dr. Svetoslav Alexandrov will end the whole series with the topic "All or nothing - or what it means to follow Christ". Svetlio is a scientist, popularizer of science, author of three books and a Christian apologist.

We are happy that the idea was accepted and liked by current and graduate students from all over the country and they make up a major part of the team for the realization of the videos - filming and editing, writing the script and hosting, etc. For us, student initiative and partnership are very important, so we are happy to be one team in this new and different endeavor of BCSU.

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