by Melody Green

I think that the main reason why God makes me share this problem with you is that gossip itself is not alien to me. Not only have I heard gossip… but I have also been a gossip spreader and also a victim of gossip… and let me tell you that all three of these aspects are equally painful and bitter to God.

For example, when I told people things I shouldn't share, I often tried to justify myself with the following words: "We really have to pray for who you are, he (they) have this terrible problem." But usually, very often it happens that we do not pray, but discuss at length and extensively on the topic. Then, of course, it gives us great pleasure to hear the latest "news" about someone. I often tried to justify myself by thinking, "Well, it's good to know exactly what's going on, and I need to have good information to know how to pray," which of course I could hardly do afterwards. (In fact, if I had spent as much time on my knees talking to God as I did talking to my friends on the couch, I would probably have been a real woman by God's will by now!)

The moment I began to realize this problem was at the beginning of our ministry, when we started our church. I realized that with so many new acquaintances and close relationships and friendships, we were becoming an incubator that would start hatching and spreading gossip and infecting everyone who took part in them. I began to think deeply and look for an answer in God's word, and I also gave some compelling Bible lessons to the women's group. But God had not yet fully opened my eyes until the moment when I and our ministry were threatened with destruction due to some rumors and exaggerations, and this deeply hurt me. I was so confused! I began to feel real bitterness and wondered how it was possible for people to say such things. However, I think I was more hurt by the fact that people listened and accepted the information as a confirmed fact. I prayed to God to stop them! And it didn't take long for Jesus to take action, and what happened: He showed me sin. Guess whose? Mine! He reminded me of how many seeds of poison I had sown in the body of Christ, and in this way I had damaged many reputations. At the time, I didn't think it was harmful to anyone, but now I saw things from a completely different perspective. Jesus let me experience for myself how people feel and that was awful! He also pointed out to me that He is most sorrowful when His children are so unloving to one another.

To say that I have completely overcome this sin through this experience would not be true. I am tested daily and often fail, but I can honestly say that there is a big difference in my life now, and that Jesus is faithful to finish the work He started in me.

What is gossip

When we become Christians, we renounce "gross sins" such as lying, stealing, drinking, cheating, drugs, adultery. We begin to spend more and more time with our new friends, talking about God, our lives, and so on. which happens around us at all. Harmless things… or just think so. Let's take a closer look. Very often these conversations are filled with condemnation, rumors heard or unheard… and all this is well packaged behind the facade of a worried Christian smile.

Did you know that the Word of God speaks of gossip? This is not just a "small sin," as some believe. The Word tells us, "Thou shalt not go about as a fool among my people" (Lev. 19:16). The Apostle Paul also says, "And they are accustomed to be idle, to go from house to house, and not only to be idle, but also talkative, to meddle in other people's business, and to speak things that should not be spoken." 1 Timothy 5:13). In Ps. 101: 5 God says, "Whoever slanders his neighbor, I will destroy him." God means that those who gossip do not honor Him and are betrayed to a perverted mind. He places gossipers alongside those who are unreliable, unloving, unjust, filled with envy, driving, deception, murderers, and hating God. He then says that those who practice these things are worthy of death, but that does not stop them from continuing to participate in it and encouraging others to take part. (Rom. 1: 28-32) These are heavy verses, and I shrink at the thought of their fulfillment.

Well, if it's true