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3 questions for Nikoleta Yordanova

BCSU's newest staff worker

1. Niki, you're graduating soon. What was your favorite part of being a student? What advice would you give to students today?

My favorite part was meeting new people at university and in BCSU. These people were in the exact same season of life and shared similar situation and experiences with me. This made it easy to build lasting friendships. To today's students I would say: "Spend time with others, build friendships with all types of people - it's not so scary."

2. What are some of the most important things you learned during your time in BCSU? How did you grow as a follower of Christ?

BCSU was an answer to my prayers! I was very worried about my future as a student. I didn't know what my circle of friends would be like and when I met the people in the student group I instantly knew I belonged there. I saw their hospitality and love for one another and that's one of the things I learned - hospitality, acceptance and understanding. Another important aspect of my growth was learning how to study the Bible! Before my time in the group I only read the Bible from time to time without really understanding what it says and or what it meant for my life. In BCSU I saw the depth of God's Word and how enriching it is to study it with others who also want to learn.

In these 4 years I grew as a follower of Christ through so many events and programs like Discipleship, "Barnabas program", prayer partners, mentoring and eventually through the volunteer program "The Faithful". All of this, not only helped me draw closer to Jesus, but also taught me to be a good leader and example for others who want to follow Him.

3. You're invited to be a staff worker in Plovdiv. Congratulations! How are you feeling as you enter this new mission? How can we pray for you?

Thank you! I'm very excited! It's both wonderful and a bit frightening, because all my life I've lived on the other end of Bulgaria where my family and friends live. Plovdiv will be a completely new place for me. I know it won't be easy, but I trust that God will help me through the changes and bring me to a place of thanksgiving!

You can pray for the students in Plovdiv, for them to want to get together with other believers to study the Bible and put it into practice. You can pray for me to adjust quickly and to care well for the students there - not as part of my job, but out of love for Jesus!

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