3 questions for Ivelina and Radoslav Stiliyanovi

1. As students, you were part of the BCSU. What are your memories of student life, what did you learn, what were the most important lessons you would like to pass on to current students?

We associate BCSU with very good, pleasant and fun memories. We were interested in studying in the student group, as well as gatherings in Troyan and Tryavna for national forums and leadership meetings. We remember the lectures related to God in Veliko Tarnovo and the evening debates on the faith years ago. At these events we had the opportunity to meet and communicate with students from all over the country, to share prayer needs and to support each other.

We would encourage current students to use their time wisely learning, communicating, developing. To seek God by spending time reading the Word, praying, developing friendships with people who walk in His way, because the environment they have can play a big role in their lives and beyond. Beware of excessive standing in front of screens, forgetting live contact. Relationships are difficult to build online, rather they are maintained. Our advice is not to look at how big the group or their city is, but to be persistent and faithful. The Word is adamant that where two or three are gathered in the name of God, He is among them. We were at a student gathering with two, three, and ten, twenty people. We may have been to a hundred people on one of the forums. No matter the size of the group, our time has always been blessed.

For us, BCSU is another way of ministry and a meeting place for young people with a clear goal - understanding the Bible among students in Bulgaria. Even when the student years are over, friendships remain that last over time. It is good to travel around Bulgaria and have friends in one city or another. At BCSU, we have been able to find a good environment and people who encourage us to seek God even more. The BCSU national gatherings are also part of the reason why we have time for more communication and getting to know each other as friends, and this friendship will eventually grow into love and family.

2. You are volunteers at the BCSU in Plovdiv at the moment. In what ways does it bring blessings and how difficult is it to work among students?

We have been volunteers in the BCSU for a year. For us, she was blessed because it was a way to serve. We rejoice to see young people seeking to know God more through Scripture and striving for a godly life. We see the way of thinking of current students and this is interesting for us. Although because of the "crown" atmosphere and the few students who managed to come to the meetings, we still know that nothing we do for God is in vain, and even the small number of meetings were important to these people. Also, our time in preparation for the discussions is blessed because the notes from the resources provided to us for biblical studies are useful and interesting to us.

To serve requires to be ready. To be awake, careful. To maintain your spiritual life. You cannot serve without regular prayer, without regular personal instruction on the Word.

We encounter difficulties because most of the students have lectures online, we notice that people tend to communicate less face to face and feel more comfortable communicating on social networks. Separately, it is becoming more and more fashionable for people to get together and look at phone screens again - sad but true. We as believers need to get