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3 questions for Antoni Ivanov

1. You were part of the student group in Sofia and then you have been a volunteer for the BCSU for several years. Can you tell us how time in the student group has had an impact on your life and prepared you for life after university?

The memories of the student group remained the best thing of my life in Student City. There were many fun moments, as well as those of mutual growth in the knowledge of the Bible. The group helped me grow in discussions and in my communication with people, taught me that the trust we give to others, and what they give us, is too important to be perceived as trivial. It must be deserved, but it must be given willingly, because we can never know all the details. Yet Jesus teaches us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16).

2. As a volunteer in the BCSU, you lead the national prayer meetings. What have you learned lately about prayer? Why is it so important for students to come together to pray?

Not only over the years, but also often lately, I see that we all need to learn how to pray - that is, in what way, as well as perseverance in prayer. God's purpose for man from the very beginning of the Bible to its end is for him to communicate with his Creator. That is why Christ saved us and brought us closer to Himself through the Holy Spirit. Prayer is not something we learn once and for all - but something we learn every day for the rest of our lives. Paul says, "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17) - our lives should be increasingly focused on our fellowship with God and our worship of Him. We learn this both individually in our daily lives and together with the believers around us. Ultimately, we must first seek God and His kingdom, and everything else will be added to us (Matthew 6:33). Prayer time with other people helps us to be closer to God as well as to each other.

3. I know you like to read. What's the most valuable thing you've read lately? What is God teaching you in this season of your life?

Two things I've been learning lately are the importance of what we trust and how we live. In Matthew 15, Jesus teaches us that worship that follows human commandments, not God's, is futile. It matters what we believe in, how we live, and how we worship God. We have the freedom to come to the Lord, but not to worship Him as He brings us out! He decreed in the Bible how we should come to Him, and revealed Who Christ is, through whom we have access. I am sad when I see people worshiping the Lord in ways taught by other people who are not according to the Word. And I've done it in the past.

In the particular season of my life, I learn to recognize from experience what God's will is for me, how to be useful in God's work, and how to approach the decisions I have to make.

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