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We again had the incredible opportunity to send off the old year and meet the new year in the company of God's Word. It is rare in our lives to literally experience the words of the psalmist: " Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long." (119:97) From December 26th to January 1st, this was a reality for all of the participants of our Inductive Bible Study Camp, “Trilogy”.

This year, 25 students and graduates grew as they studied the Gospel of Mark and learned what it reveals about the person of Jesus. We were excited that for the first time in BCSU history we also had participants, who were with us for the second time, and who studied the second half of the gospel.

It was a great treasure to see each participant touched by the living word of God in a new way and it was a joy to see people light up as they began to see what was being revealed in the gospel. The best part was seeing people fall more in love with Jesus, His Kingdom and His Mission. Every morning, we had a time for quiet devotion in which we once again meditated on the effect of God's words in our life. During this time, we reflected on what we were learning about Jesus, what we were learning about ourselves, and what it would mean for us to practically apply the Word in our lives.

This year our host for the conference was the Orbita Hotel and 7 Wonders Coffee Shop in Varna. We enjoyed wonderful service in both as they provided us opportunities for rest, reflection, games and conversations. In the afternoons we had wonderful walks by the Black sea, which especially delighted the student who rarely see the beach.

On New Year's Eve, we all sat around a long table with beautiful decoration and music, as well as a fun program and games. We all felt blessed to be part of the family of Christ. We brought in the New Year with prayer which reminded us again how great is our King, how wonderful it is to be a part of His kingdom, and how beautiful it is to invite others to meet Him! We truly believe that God has given us a special beginning to 2018 which will provide a great foundation on which we can continue to build!

Here is how Emily described her experience: "The program for Trilogy was well thought out and the experience was better than I expected. God was with us creating an incomparable time and feeling. During Trilogy, God spoke to me and made my heart soft. I needed this time in God’s word, because through it I experienced God's grace. Our leaders were great sowers, and in their opinion we were wonderful soil; I am sure that the word will produce fruit - 30, 60 and 100 times. When I came back to Nova Zagora, my pastor asked me to share with the church about the time I spent at Trilogy. I explained to them that usually at the beginning the new year we watch celebrities on television wishing us health, luck, and success. But in contrast I want to bless them this year and encourage them to have soft hearts because if we have hard hearts, we will miss what God has prepared for us. It just might be the case that God has shown us many answers to our prayers, but we have been living with hard hearts and have not understood. But Jesus does not give up on us and will continue to show us again and again until we see and understand. The condition of the heart is everything."

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