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Second edition of the "Come and See" festival

BCSU is the initiator and organizer of the first event of its kind in Bulgaria, which brings together the evangelical world in Bulgaria in this way, which we called the Festival of Opportunities "Come and See". It serves to benefit Christ's church, to foster relationships among us, to synchronize our efforts to touch this society more powerfully and fully with the Good News. The festival is also a means of our encouragement - to see that we are not alone, that many more of our brothers and sisters are laboring tirelessly to expand the kingdom of God. 

This year, the second edition of the event was held on October 28, hosted by "Blaga Vest" Church, Sofia. Over 30 parachurch organizations participated and had the opportunity to present their activities with booths, videos, in workshops and free talks.

We are grateful to God for the good time He gave us together!

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