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Uncover - see for yourself

Uncover - see for yourself

How great it is when student groups grow!

After studying "Practical Evangelism," the students from the group in Varna split into two groups in the second semester as their numbers increased.

These two group began studying the "Uncover" material with the goal of inviting their seeking friends and learning to study the Word with people who were experiencing it for the first time. It is a testimony to us that five unbelieving students and a few new converts attended the very first "Uncover" meeting. They found the material interesting and the setting conducive to asking questions and sharing their impressions.

"Uncover" us a small booklet containing the Gospel of John and six studies on different chapters of the Gospel. The studies are designed to discuss a text from the gospel in pairs or in a small group with people who want to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Each topic is accompanied by information about the historical, social, cultural, and geographical context, as well as URL links to online videos and notes that relate to the discussion. More information about Uncover can be found here .

Soon, the groups in Sofia will also start “Uncover” meetings and they are excited to invite their friends. If you are a student in Varna or Sofia or you know someone who would like to become part of the BCSU groups, you can still invite them to participate regardless of their religious affiliation!

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