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Global Impact 2022

Global Impact 2022

Global Impact is a conference for staff, volunteers and students involved in International Student Ministry. It happens once every two years in the spring and is designed to inspire and equip those involved in international student ministry.

This year’s Global Impact happened in Sofia, Bulgaria and gathered staff and students from all over Europewith a desire to be trained in international students ministry.

The conference started with a nice welcoming and an opportunity to meet and talk with the other participants. Then each day began with prayer, worship and a bible talk on different passages, including Joshua 1:1-18, Psalm 55 & 124, Jeremiah 29:1-14, and Acts 1:1-12.

There were also a variety of seminars people could choose from that were really engaging, interesting and helpful to people interested in those topics:

  • Hospitality

  • Starting  ISM ministry

  • Reaching students from different cultural and religious backgrounds

  • Self-care

  • Building  a multicultural community

  • Returnee  ministry

There were Bible talks in the evenings as well and each day was wrapped up with some fun and games. In the free time, there was a tour around Sofia and people could explore and learn more about Bulgaria. Everyone enjoyed the time at Global Impact and left encouraged.

The goals of International Student Ministry are:

  • To ENVISION – for befriending international students to help them to experience God’s love;

  • To INSPIRE – for building a lively network for support in reaching out to the world at our doorstep;

  • To EQUIP – for sharing the gospel with cross-cultural awareness,

Considering this, we continue to pray that God will give us strength, opportunities and desire to not only keep the work among the international students in Bulgaria but to see it grow and produce much fruit.

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