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Alumni Retreat

Alumni Retreat

In the last weekend of May, BCSU alumni met to spend time together.

The reunion began with a time of getting to know each other, hanging out, playing board games, eating dinner together, and taking time to relax. On the second day, after a nice coffee and breakfast, the participants had a seminar called: "Feelings -Can We Trust Them?" We talked about the differences between feelings and emotions and explored the feelings in the Bible. We talked especially about the different emotionsJesus experienced and how He actedbecause of or in spite of them. We came to the conclusion that we need to come to God honestly about what we are feeling. We shared experiences from our lives. Then it was time again for games, relaxation and walking.

In the evening we got a report about the latest news from BCSU - what is coming up and ways in which alumni can be part of the ministry. The morning was spent in Bible study, with the main theme being Rest, especially rest in God as revealed in various passages of His Word.
We ended with a nice lunch together, good times and new friendships.

If you are an alumni and would like to participate in BCSU, contact us.

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