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The Barnabas Leadership Program 2018/2019 has concluded!

BCSU has had the opportunity to graduate its second class of interns in the Barnabas Leadership program. The program once again concluded with a debriefing conference – this year it was held from May 17th – 19th in the Bible League’s conference center in Sofia. The theme of this conference was “Let’s continue…” to follow Jesus, to learn from Him and to serve Him. The participants studied the book of Hebrews together and discussed how they could keep the faith and hope in Jesus until the end.


After studying about entering God’s rest in Hebrews 3 and 4, we took a hike up Vitosha mountain and enjoyed God’s wonderful provision and creation. On Saturday evening we had a wonderful celebration where participants received certificates for successful completion of the program, final evaluations from their mentors, a book, and an invitation to serve in BCSU’s volunteer program.

This year, for the first time, we had someone complete the second level of the program as well. In the second level participants continue to serve in BCSU and have a staff mentor, but in addition to this they serve as a mentor for someone in the first level of the program.

Our time together with these seven participants throughout the year once again has confirmed God’s good work in the lives of students and volunteers in BCSU. Hebrews 11 tells the story of many faithful people who put their hope in God. Knowing that we too are called and invited to be a part of this cloud of witnesses, which is made up of very regular and imperfect people like us, gives us hope that we can live with faith until the end. Through faith we will see the work of God and have strength to endure whatever comes our way. We believe and pray for each of this year’s class of Barnabas interns to hold onto God’s faithful promise until the very end.

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