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Leadership days in Bulgaria

In the fall semester BCSU organized several “Student Leadership Days”. These were opportunities for our student leaders and those who are interested in learning about leadership to come together for training and encouragement. To make it easier for students to participate we held them in several locations throughout Bulgaria: Sofia, V. Turnovo, and Varna.

The first leadership day was held in November. We discussed strategical leadership (looking at a story from David in 1 Chronicles) and we offered training on how to write a Bible study. The second leadership day was held in December, where we discussed Jesus’ model of servant leadership and offered training on how to lead a Bible study discussion.

One student from Varna had this to say about the training events: For me the two student leadership days were an extraordinary blessing because I learned how to study God’s Word more deeply, how to ask good questions, how to seek answers, and how to grow in my personal time with God and the Word. These days made me think more about the needs of others in the student group and taught me how to approach my unbelieving friends. However, the most important thing I learned was about the character of a leader. As a young person who wants to change the world around me, I need to know where I'm going and what God’s will is. Knowing my identity as a leader is not just a nice thing, but rather it is essential for me, so that I might be able to know where God is leading me.

We will be holding one more leadership day in the spring semester in these three locations and look forward to seeing how God uses them to help grow student leaders throughout the country!

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