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Greetings from the student groups

We recently asked a few of the groups in the country (Turnovo, Burgas and the International student group in Sofia) to share a few words about their groups this semester. This is what they shared:

Hello! We are the BCSU group in Veliko Tarnovo. Every Tuesday we gather together. Our meetings are helpful and very pleasant as we discuss topics from the Gospel of John, share our needs, and give thanks. We also often gather to play games or watch a movie on Friday nights. We are grateful to God that this semester we have seen new people come to our group. This semester we plan to create a group for international students in order to reach the students who are not from our country. We believe that God is with us on this mission and that everything will be for the glory of Jesus!

The group in Burgas at the moment consists of 6 people. We gather every Tuesday evening for Bible study. Currently we are studying the Gospel of John and we are all discovering many new things that we have not noticed before. We also come together often to watch a movie on Wednesdays. Our meetings take place in the student dorms. We have a lot of fun together. There is always food. We have a journal where we record the experiences, as well as the prayer needs of each member.

Greetings from the international student group in Sofia! This semester, every Wednesday, we study the gospel of John in English. We gather in a home to read, share, discuss, and think about interesting questions. I'm happy and excited to meet new people from different nationalities and lifestyles. This year I met a student from Colombia. We quickly became close friends. This year we also have a teacher in our group from America. He is really interested in learning more about Jesus and how God works in this world. They contribute to having great discussions and they raise intriguing questions.

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