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Bible Competition

Youth and students, friendship and the Bible, hospitality and care, competition, and awards are some of the words we can use to describe this year's 4th National Student Competition for Knowledge and Understanding of the Bible on the 24th of March in Sliven.

We are extremely impressed by all 48 participants in the 12 teams from across the country. They each showed a high level of knowledge and understanding of God's Word, as well as great sportsmanship. All were extremely well prepared by their coaches and captains. The host of the event was the Pentecostal Evangelical Church in Sliven. Their hospitality and care made all participants and guests feel at home. We are grateful to Dr. Boyan Mitev and his whole team for the great assistance and help in organizing the event.

All 12 teams had the opportunity to compete in the first 3 rounds. The game was conducted according to the following rules. The first round was individual, each participant answered 10 multiple choice questions. The second round was a team challenge; they sought 8 specific quotes from the Old Testament cited in the New Testament. In the third round teams answered questions with two answers - if they selected correctly they were awarded points but if they answered incorrectly points were deducted. After the third round, the 5 teams with the most points continued. In the fourth round teams answered difficult short answer questions. The competition was a challenge for the jury as well, as they had to make important decisions about the accuracy of the answers given. We would like to thank the validation committee and the jury for the wonderful work done - Ventzislav Stoykov, Momchil Petrov, Stanka Vladeva and Craig Weyrens.

At the end of the long competition, we had a great time celebrating the efforts and knowledge of the participants and rewarding all the teams. The team "New Generation" from Sofia won first place, "Iron Bible" from Asenovgrad and Ruse came in second place, "Peniel" from Sliven and Sofia came in third.

The participants and their coaches received awards provided by BCSU's partners - Bulgarian Bible League, Bulgarian Biblical Society, "Veren" Bookstore, "New Man" Publishing House. All contestants from 4th to 12th place received certificates and vouchers for a 5% discount in the 7-day inductive Bible study camp "Trilogy". The 1st to 3rd place teams received vouchers for 100%, 50% and 25% discounts from the Trilogy event.

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