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National Forum

BCSU’s National Forum was held this year from October 27th to 29th. Students and alumni from around the country gathered to praise God and encourage one another as we studied the Gospel of John together. The theme of the conference was “Uncover” based upon the new evangelistic material, which God graciously provided for our ministry. The participants learned how to use this material as they discussed practical methods of evangelism, how to initiate and lead spiritual discussions, and how to invite people to seeker Bible discussions. In small groups they studied the stories of the Samaritan woman at the well, the resurrection of Lazarus, the healing of the blind man, as well as others; they then learned how to use these very stories to share their faith with others.

During one of the evenings, participants in the conference spent time in prayer. The needs and situations of student groups in many countries throughout the world were presented on a map and participants were able to take prayer requests and pray specifically for the country. Many kept these prayer requests with them in order to continue to pray back home for these needs during their personal prayer times.

Students left the Forum encouraged, with a commitment to not give in to fears and worries but to bravely share the good news with their colleagues, friends and family. Many made decisions to pray more regularly and to seek out opportunities to develop friendships with the non-Christians around them.

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