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Summer Project

From July 20th to 30th we held our annual Summer project for cultural exchange, sponsored by the European Erasmus + program. The project included 10 students from Denmark, 13 from Holland and 13 from Bulgaria. The theme of the project was "Learn to communicate" and during the 10 days of the project students had the opportunity to speak, exercise and make presentations on topics such as "Verbal and non-verbal communication", "Intercultural differences", "Interpersonal communication" and "Solving conflict". The project also included excursions to VelikoTarnovo and Dryanovo monastery. Students visited the cave "Bacho Kiro". There was also plenty of time for fun at the pool, casual conversations and building sincere friendships.

The content of the project itself was not overtly Christian, so that the unbelieving students who attended would not feel pressured. However every morning participants had the opportunity to attend a prayer time - where there was time for prayer, worship and practicing various spiritual disciplines. There were wonderful moments of spiritual growth for the students. Two of them (one Bulgarian and one Danish) said they had called themselves Christians because they grew up in Christian families but until now they had never prayed and that now they were returning home with an excitement to begin to pray and practice these spiritual disciplines. Also some of the unbelievers of the project grew curious and decided to visit the morning prayer time. Some of them decided to get involved in other events BCSU organized during the school year.

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