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National Forum

BCSU held their annual national forum from October 23rd to 25th – entitled “As in a mirror”. Fifty students, student workers and volunteers from across the country gathered in Tryavna and spent their time pondering their identity in Christ. We examined what we have in our Lord - we are born again as children of God, a royal priesthood, living stones and strangers and pilgrims in the world. We also thought about our value in Christ as men and women, students and graduates, sons and daughters, friends and people in a special relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

We were all challenged and encouraged. We left Tryavna refreshed and with new friendships.

We were challenged to write down the ideas that most impressed us during the Forum in a short format (up to 150 characters). Here are some of the ideas that were written down:

  • I am royalty in Christ.
  • God’s idea was beauty to be found in diversity.
  • It is not our weaknesses but our strengths that often cause us danger!
  • I am a new creature in Christ, I am a royal priesthood, I am a foreigner and I have a new life in God!
  • Sin is the result of seeking to find our identity in the things of this world. Eternal life is the result of seeking our identity in God.
  • We become one with God when He is in us and we in him.
  • Our mission is to be God’s image in every sphere of life.
  • Sin is the result of not believing the identity that God has given us.
  • If you do not love yourself it will effect your relationship with others.
  • How we work and relate with family and money is in itself is good news to the world.
  • If our identity is found in Christ, it is not based on whether or not we are single or married.
  • In Christ we discover who we are and how to live. He chose us and we must live for His glory.
  • It is more blessed to give than to receive. Let's be generous and help people who are in need.
  • Before we knew Christ, we had been ordained by God for good works.
  • When we are hidden in Christ He is the one who people see.
  • God is my loving Father in heaven, and I am His beloved son.
  • We cannot find our true identity when we look for it ... we find it when we look to God!
  • True self-knowledge begins as we look to God and see the way he looks at us.
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