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Leadership days

Leadership training for student leaders was held in three cities this month. On March 16th the Leadership Day for Sofia and Plovdiv was held in Sofia. Two of the more experienced leaders led two of the sessions for new leaders: How to Prepare and How to Lead a Bible Study. In the afternoon there was a separate training for the new and a separate training for the experienced: Exercise in Writing Bible Study Questions and Mentoring and Caring for People respectively. 

The theme of this semester's training in Varna, held on March 23, was "The Leader as Example." Students discussed the stages a group goes through and how to care for the students in their groups.

In Veliko Tarnovo, the Leadership Day took place on 30 March. Students studied "How to Study the Bible" and "How to Write and Lead a Bible Study." For part of the day they studied part of the life of Joseph, and after personal time in study, they wrote a Bible study together.

Here's what some of the students had to say:

"On leadership day I was reminded of a lot of key characteristics of a leader that I previously put on the back burner in my life. Along with the other leaders, we had a great time encouraging each other to be more well-rounded and good leaders for our individual groups. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and can't wait to apply what I learned!" Teodor Vinaliev, student from Varna

"Finding people who share your excitement and goals is one of the most enjoyable and encouraging experiences. What I liked about the leadership day was that people with longer experience in leading a group spoke, as well as students who have been learning to do this for a few years and who shared their revelations and experiences. The equation on the board from Ilina stuck with me the most, proving that we need the Word. This and the other things they shared were very refreshing and reminded me of the basics of leading groups and made me ask valuable questions."- Dani Ivanova, student from Plovdiv 

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