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The sixth group of participants in the Barnabas Programme has officially and successfully graduated! During the final conference on May 10th-12th, they went through the Hebrews book study, the "Good Leader Completion" training, spiritual disciplines, and the formal presentation of certificates and evaluations for their participation. We pray that they will continue and be one of those who never pull back but persevere to the end.

Here's what two of the participants had to say:

"For thousands of years God has been speaking of His return to earth to gather His own. At the Barnabas Program conference last weekend, we looked at a passage related to our preparation as His church in the time that remains until Christ's return. Most powerful to me were the instructions that God gives us through what is written in Hebrews 10:32-36 and how it is important to remember the journey we have already walked with God and how He has been there for us and has

supported us. This will keep us awake and serve to encourage us to continue to walk in His way with boldness to receive the promised reward." -Josephine

"The conference to celebrate the completion of the " Barnabas" internship was very touching and thought provoking for me.

In one of the sessions we talked about how serious we are about how we stand before God and that if we claim to be committed to Him, it cannot help but be accompanied by a change in our choices, habits and

behavior. He came and gave His life so that we could have victory over death, sin and fear. Sometimes these words sound very cliché, but let's think about how important and real they are, and if we can't handle something in our lives after we've come to know Him, then let's think about where we can

our relationship with Dad is breaking down and let's not be slow to ask for forgiveness!" -Chris Rusev

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