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Trilogy camp "The Revelation of John"

From 22 to 28 July in the mountains above the city of Sofia, amidst the beautiful nature of Vitosha, gathered 25 participants in the Bible study camp "Trilogy", which BCSU now holds every year. This year we are studying the Revelation of John. The students and some of the BCSU staff spent an unforgettable week at the Balkanity Lodge plunging into the depths of the little known and ancient genre of the Apocalypse.

The harrowing, emotionally charged images once again stirred the imagination and challenged the faith and resilience of the camp participants. The program was packed with Bible study, lots of interactive activities to make it easier for them to understand and realize the importance and role of the Word, and last but not least, there was time for fellowship and games. We are blessed and thankful to God for meeting with us again through the Revelation of John. Here is what some of the students shared:

"Our God is coming and has given us the great privilege to choose to be with him now and continue to do so every day! We as a church need to get ready and be good witnesses of His love, mercy and hope!"-Danael Chergansky

"If I had to describe the Trilogy, and all past ones, in one word, it is revival. Being in God's Word every day is something we unfortunately can't do all the time, but it's days like this that you really get close to God. I am thankful that God is working through all the blessing that is BCSU and the workers in it!"- Anastasia Pancheva

"He speaks. He acts. He hears us. I felt it and so quickly saw how everything around me changed. I was heard. And for the first time, it took me so little time to realize how grateful I am to Him for this gift. Now I know that He rejoices and is rejoicing with me!"-Sarah Tasheva

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