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Summer Project 2023 "Who will you be?"

   From 8-14 July we held the BCSU Summer Project "Who Will You Be?", which involved students from Bulgaria, England and the USA. The event took place in the town of Tryavna, where students had various tasks such as presentations, cultural evenings, simulations and small group discussions on everything they were learning about their life history, the influence of their own culture, their longings for the future, the richness of diversity and the challenge of working for change. Here's what one of the students who was part of the project had to say:

   "The summer project is a wonderful event, where you can see the good work of the organizers who brought students from all over the world together. One of the impressions I am left with is how valuable building relationships is for future growth in our lives, both personally and spiritually." Zhivko

   We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to hold the summer project this year, to learn together and to make unforgettable memories.

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