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Leadership days

Midway through each semester, we hold one-day regional leadership trainings to nurture group leaders as a community that learns together. 

This spring, one event was held at the BCSU office in Sofia for leaders from Sofia and Plovdiv, where they studied the image of the leader as a shepherd, and the second event was held in Varna for leaders from Varna, Burgas, and Veliko Tarnovo, where they looked at the leader as a worshipper. The trainings were not identical, but both included the topic of feedback and the theme of evangelism and how to make it a natural part of our lives.

Here is what two of the new participants said at the events:

"This leadership day helped me to understand and realise that God had sent me to Veliko Tarnovo to meet with BHSC. The training gave me many ideas on how to communicate and evangelize to my unbelieving friends." - Mihael Rumenova, a student in Veliko Tarnovo

"The leadership day was very useful for me! It was very well organised and helped me to understand what is required of a leader and how best to conduct the studies. Very useful for me were the examples and incidents related to the gospel that Silas mentioned with the international students." - Elena Piperkova, a student in Plovdiv.

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