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Finishing well

   As the academic year draws to a close, BCSU’s student groups across the cities have wrapped up their gatherings.

    During the semester these gatherings have been instrumental in providing a supportive environment for students to explore their faith, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of the teachings of Jesus. As the academic year concludes, the groups have taken the opportunity to celebrate the graduation of some of the students, with a special time together in worship, meaningful conversations, games and of course, food.

   As the students transition into a new phase of their lives, it is important to remember them in prayer to be people who continue to study the Bible, grow as disciples of Jesus and deepen their faith.

   In conjunction with the student gatherings, the BCSU staff gathered last week in person at the organization's office to mark the end of the academic year. This meeting was to reflect on the past year and strategically plan for upcoming events during the summer and the next academic year. 

   You can pray for the upcoming bible study summer camp called "Trilogy," and for this year’s  Summer project.

   We can't wait to see how God will work in the student movement He has given us!

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