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"Escape room" with the international students

One of Silas'  (ISM staff worker) wishes is to share about faith in an environment where people feel comfortable. 

Therefore I wanted to create an Escape Room, which invites to speak about faith. For this reason he used Easter and the year 33 as a setting. With the task to find the supporters of a newly spreading cult and figure out what they plan, the students went through three rooms full of riddles to get information’s. As team they discovered, that the disciples have celebrated together, but haven´t been come back to clean up. Through a hidden message they found a secret place, where they have been hidden for a few days. Something than has happend and now everyone spread out in different cities.

After the experience itself, Silas had the opportunity to ask the students if they recognized the story and if they knew what it means. He explained why Christians celebrated Easter and started a conversation about faith from this.

This is what one of the students shared about the experience:

"My friends and I attended the Escape Room organised by Silas. It truly was such an immersive experience. I’ve been to a few escape rooms before but none of them integrated culture in such a beautiful way. This was very interesting for all of us, learning about the traditions of Easter and solving the mysteries and puzzles. Really fun experience, overall. Thank you, iConnect!"

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