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Our newest staff worker

Our newest staff worker

Places are important. Events are important. Finances are important. But they would all be worthless without people. For this reason, we are grateful to God for the students we are privileged to serve, for the donors who faithfully support this work, and for the volunteers and staff God equips and calls to minister in BCSU.

It is a blessing for us to officially welcome our newest staff worker - Nikoleta Yordanova. She will soon complete her higher education in Economics in Varna. With faith and trust in Jesus, she has decided to completely change the direction of her life in order to follow Him in His work among the students in Plovdiv. Niki will start a new student group in the second largest city in Bulgaria, as we long to see more students, like her, dedicate their lives to Jesus during their student years and grow as His disciples and witnesses. 

Her journey with BCSU began four years ago when she first participated in the Bible study in Varna and learned how to apply the words of Jesus in her life. Her unwavering enthusiasm quickly made her long to learn how to study the Bible on her own and help other students understand it in depth. She did not hesitate to participate in anything that could help her grow closer to God or equip and motivate her to serve Him. During these years, Niki became a student leader in her group, then an intern in the “Barnabas” program, then a mentor to other students, a spiritual partner in our Discipleship program, a volunteer in the “Faithful” program, and now she will become a student worker and full time employee of BCSU this fall. 

It is a privilege for us to observe her growth and her testimony of God’s work in her life. She is an example to many by her dedication, generosity, sacrifice, active evangelism, and ministry in BCSU, her church, and at university. One of the things that deeply motivates Niki's actions and decisions is the question Jesus asked to Peter in John 21, "Do you love me?" as well as His invitation to feed His sheep. Niki's prayer is that her ministry in BCSU will be formed by her love for Jesus and that it will inspire students around her to respond faithfully to God's heart.

We thank everyone who made it possible to hire Niki as an employee of BCSU, supporting our campaign "70 for Plovdiv". If you want to help us have enough funds to ensure her long-term participation in the work of students in Plovdiv, learn more about how you can support her here 

If you want to learn a little more about Niki, you can watch the short video we recorded to introduce you to her:

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