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Leadership days

Leadership days

On November 19th in Sofia (for students from Sofia and Plovdiv) and on November 27th in Varna (for students from Varna and V. Tarnovo) were held the Autumn Leadership Days of BCSU. There were 19 staff and student participants at the Sofia meeting and 12 at the Varna meeting. 


Traditionally at these days the BCSU team invites student leaders who are currently leading student groups or potential student leaders who are keen to learn and develop their skills in this direction. 


At these meetings, students had a Bible study together, looked in detail at how to study God's word for themselves, how to write a Bible study for a small group, how to prepare discussion questions, how to adapt the study if there are new people to a group. They talked about ways a leader can help or hinder a student group's ability to hear, understand, and respond to God's word. They had practical discussions and ideas to apply in the groups and spent time exercising and praying for one another.        

Here is what two of the participants shared: 

"The leadership day was the perfect opportunity to hone my skills in how to lead a Bible study in a group. I got answers to the questions I had and learned new interesting ways of studying."  - Dimitar Todorov, Varna 

"The leadership day was important for me to be reminded of important things, why we serve and how important our personal attitude is to this ministry. There were also many practical things to help us improve our preparation for the studies. It was really enlightening and interesting!"- Danail Cherganski, Sofia 

We pray that the students will continue to grow and apply what they are learning. 

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