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Leadership Conference "Get Out of the Boat"

Leadership Conference "Get Out of the Boat"

   Our Fall Leadership Conference "Get Out of the Boat" was held the last weekend of September in the town of Tryavna.

   Over the course of 3 days, student leaders had the opportunity to come together, 27 participants, to examine the life of Peter and the ways Jesus built his character and ability to lead others in God's mission. There were workshops and training sessions related to the example Jesus sets as a leader and practical guidance on how students can lead and serve the groups they are placed in.

   We are thankful for the time God gave the students in sharing, reflection, prayer and encouragement and for what He has prepared for the student groups in the country.

   Here are a few testimonies from conference participants:

"The leadership conference showed me what it means to be a leader according to the Bible. It filled me with courage and boldness because it taught me that failure can be another means to glorify God. Being afraid of failure is scarier than failure itself because I will never take the step of trusting God to enable me to grow in Him." Katherine Petkova

"The Leadership Conference was a challenging "escape" to God for me. An opportunity to view Him through the prism of a leader and learn how to follow His example, to continue Jesus' mission and be a good follower of Him. To love caring for others even more. A call to "get out of the boat" with hope in Christ and a longing for His presence. “ Desislava Momchilova

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