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We held our annual inductive Bible study camp from September 18 – 22. This year the theme of our study was the theme of the temple in the Bible. We looked at passages from Adam in the garden all the way to Christ’s bride in the new creation and were encourage by the great truth that God has opened up a way for people to know and live with Him.

This year Trilogy was online, due to the worldwide crisis. We missed being together during these days but the online format enabled us to include more people – including a group of students from Sv. Triveli.

Read a few of the testimonies from this year’s Trilogy:

“God's plan to live with people is amazing. Through Jesus, He invites all people into His presence and has made each  believer a temple that expands God's kingdom here on earth. ”

"I have learned that God always wants me to meet Him, to grow in holiness, and to know that I carry God with me into the world. There are many things other things I have learned, but the fact that God's garden, the temple, is the model that God wants to build here on earth, in our hearts, is the most valuable thing. ”

"God wants to meet me, to purify and change me and to use me to reach people around me. God's presence in my life deserves to be celebrated regularly, and I need to remember that presence. Prayer is my response to God's promises. I also learned that God's salvation is not the ultimate goal... God saves the world for the purpose of living with us and to build a relationship with us! I have learned that I am called to function as the temple of God in the world, and I must guard that temple, recognizing what is pure and holy and what is not. God only wants faithfulness and trust, and He will purify, change, and use me. ”

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