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General Assembly for the election of BCSU’s Managing Board

On October 31, 2020, a General Assembly of the members of BCSU was held in its national office. The main item on the agenda of the meeting was the election of a new Management Board and Chairman.

The Managing Board is made up of 5 people elected according to several major criteria. The process of proposing and selecting candidates for thisyear’s election started at the beginning of the summer.

During the General Assembly, 4 members of the current Board were re-elected, and one new member was elected. The previous Chairman of the Board, Marieta Marinova, submitted a request to leave the Board. We are extremely grateful to Marieta for her 22 years of dedication and service in BCSU, first as a student and student leader in Sofia, then as a volunteer for Sofia and Blagoevgrad, and last but not least as a member of the Board, including several years as Board Chair. Marieta will remain a good friend and supporter of the BCSU and we believe that we will have new opportunities for partnership and service together.

Todor Todorov from Sliven was elected as the new member of the Board. During his student years, Todor was an active student and student leader of the group in Varna, and then supported the student ministry in various projects and activities. Todor and his wife Maria have always been friends and supporters of BCSU. They have a wonderful family with three beautiful girls and have dedicated their lives to ministry in Sliven. We believe that Todor's participationinthe Board is God's plan for the development of the student ministry. Here is what Todor said about his time in BCSU:

"I started coming to the BCSU group in Varna during my first year as a student. For four years I had the opportunity to participate in various activities such as Bible studies, social projects, cultural exchange projects, national conferences, leadership conferences, an international conference in Austria with over 2000 students from around the world, an international leadership conference in Hungary, team games, travels and many others. All of this helped me to learn more about God, enrich my cultural, social and religious worldview, build leadership qualities, share my Christian faith more freely, improve my spoken English, and last but not least, make many lasting friendships with quality people. I can boldly say that participating in BCSU benefited meeven more than the time I spent as a student at the university during those four years.

I accepted the invitation to join the Board because I want to help other students get what I received as a participant in theBulgarian Christian Students Union."

The General Assembly re-elected the other 4 members of the Managing Board, namely Gergana Stancheva from Sofia, Georgi Koychev from Ruse, Maria Alexandrova from Sofia, and Hristina Tchaikovska from Sofia. After the election of the new members of the Board, the following positions were elected: Chairman of the Board - Gergana Stancheva, Financial Supervision - Georgi Koychev and Secretary - Hristina Tchaikovska.

We are blessed to continue to serve with these wonderful friends of BCSU and we hope that in the next 5 years God will direct them and give them wisdom on how to lead the organization both strategically and financially.

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