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"Living water" for us, in us and from us!

One week ago in Plovdiv, "Living Water" was poured at the BCSU National Forum! We are thankful for our large joyful student diverse family of God. From March 1-4, we explored together the theme of Living Water in the Word and how it works for us personally, in our community, and as it flows from us to the world. The event featured sessions, small groups, workshops, a great competition, evenings of prayer and praise, and practical lessons we can apply to our lives. Immediately after the event, students from different cities began to share about conversations with fellow students and experiences that reflected the things we have heard from God. There were 75 participants from 4 cities in the country. The program was almost entirely student led. Two of the main sessions and several experiences were organized by the Barnabas Program interns, and each worship service was led by a different student team from the four cities. Prior to the morning sessions, students from the different cities gave testimonies and more than ever we heard how their colleagues had come to Bible studies and started going to church or reading the Bible. 

On "Living Water" and in keeping with the theme, for the first time BCSU collected a donation for another student movement in need. Even though our team and the movement does not have enough funds for its activities, together we decided to trust God and invited the student forum to donate for the students in Lithuania where the financial need is more urgent. We believe this is an act of trust in God and a practical application of what we teach about living water and God's rich wellspring that can supply every need. We pray that God will make us a people known for our kindness, prayer life, generosity and harvest coming from Him.

Here is what several of the participants told us after the event:

"I was both rebuked and encouraged to see and hear other groups from different cities as they shared about their life on campus, their activities to serve their colleagues, friends and in the work environment. I was encouraged to be a tree that blossoms year round and can do so because it is watered by the living water - Jesus."

"BCSU is a place where everyone is welcome. I'm not very familiar with the Bible and in places, as we read, we understand different perspectives and details. They make it understandable and so we become more interested. I love this place and everyone in it, very nice people. "

"I was extremely encouraged about two things. First, to invest more time to sort out my priorities and put God first and second, to be more bold to share with my colleagues about God and be a good witness with my lifestyle and attitude."

"I wasn't very hyped up for this conference, but I didn't even realize how much I needed just that. God used the students, the speakers, and the topic as a whole to heal a key relationship in my life. I had a great need to find and take of the living water and God found and watered me abundantly. I am now more ready to show God's love and mercy!"

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