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Winter retreat: "Explore!"

From February 23-25, international students from around the country were invited to the annual retreat to explore Bulgaria and the different cultures among the participants, as well as the Christian faith and the message of God's Word. The event was held in the Uzana area, which gave the students the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery, a walk to the geographical center of Bulgaria and a hike to Mount Ispolin. The program included two Bible discussions, a Christian on the Hot Seat event to ask tough questions about faith, and a cultural evening. There were many students among the participants who were actively involved in the discussions on the Word, even though they were hearing it for the first time or doubted the meaning of the text. We are grateful that everyone's presence enriched the whole event and gave us the opportunity to talk about deep and valuable topics. Here is what two of the participants, who come from different cultures and religions, had to say:

"If you have Christian friends and have any doubts or prejudices about the Christian religion, please consider joining at least once to get a feel for what it's like, and to learn more about Christianity."- Sung Jun Hoo

"This was my first retreat with international students. I found it very helpful and exciting to see so many people from other cultures, religions, and backgrounds and to talk together in depth over things that are unusual when you meet people. I am grateful for the conversations I had and how everyone was accepting and loving in their interactions with others."- Peter Georgiev, student leader at iConnect Sofia

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